DMS - Document Management System

DMS - Electronic Archiving

To make your company lean and flexible Nova Systems has developed in BeOne an integrated features that has become essential for all forwarding agents and logistics operators who want to store a large amount of business and administrative documents and need to find the information they need quickly and effectively. We are talking about the Document Management System (DMS), the system in which the user can manage document storage and substitute storage. A real ally in the organisation and simplification of the company because it allows documents to be ordered, stored in a secure place and shared at all times with company members through virtual files. The use of paper can thus be eliminated once and for all.
All this is possible thanks to the power of the Nova Systems Cloud and the security of the software house infrastructure.

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How does DMS work?

The DMS is a strategic integrated features for every business because it becomes a fundamental support for business growth. No more paper packages on the desks (printouts of customer request emails, invoices, transport documents, etc.). All this becomes a distant memory because documents are managed and archived in electronic format

All paper documents can be scanned and linked to the shipment in a quick and easy way: just apply a barcode label on the sheet, scan it and this document is immediately visible on the shipment.

If, on the other hand, documents are already in a digital format (e.g. .pdf, .doc, .jpg), it is possible, using the integrated Electronic Archiving feature of BeOne, to make a simple "drag and drop" of the document and archive it on the shipment.

Through the DMS it is also possible to take advantage of the Attachments feature, which allows you to issue and send any document from BeOne (e.g. the document remittance) by e-mail, attaching at the same time the customs bill previously received by the customs broker.


Electronic Archiving is linked to the Collaboration Platform, the collaborative platform developed by Nova Systems to digitize business processes. Thanks to this integration it is possible to provide its customers with web access through which the documents of which the customer is the owner are displayed and downloaded.

The DMS is also integrated with all modules of the BeOne Suite, starting from the operational ones such as TMS, WMS, CRM: from the shipment the operator is able to view in one click the documents attached to the spot offer.

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With electronic storage, Nova Systems' sustainable cloud helps the environment by reducing paper usage while improving production processes and helping cut costs. It's the paperless principle, which helps to eliminate geographical boundaries: a paperless office can provide immediate access to documentation, wherever employees are located, with a significant increase in productivity.

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What are the ADVANTAGES of using BeOne electronic storage?

  • • We talked about the elimination of paper. There is no longer any need to print the documents, everything is in digital format;

  • • Considerable savings in terms of time. All the relevant documents are attached to each shipment and the information is so easy to trace;

  • • The new digital frontier of electronic archiving makes it possible to reduce the possibility of human error;

  • • All documents integrated with them are made available to their customers thanks to the Collaboration Platform.

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The migration of your data is done in coordination with our Project Leader, in total security.

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Thanks to the “Novacademy” project, our specialists will guide your Key Users in the BeOne world.

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Now you can focus on your core business. BeOne will take care of everything else.

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