Nova Systems' Help-Desk provides assistance 24/24, 7/7, 365 days a year. Client-assistance has never been so simple and handy
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How can client-assistance be ensured to a business that is opening on the international market?

Our Client-Assistance Service, made up of highly qualified staff, provides its Clients with punctual and competent technical support, so that they can make the best and indipendent use of the BeOne Software Solution for the International Shipping, Transport, Costums and Logistics world anywhere in the world. 

For a company that is opening up strongly to the international market, how is client-assistance ensured?

Through our technical and commercial offices in the main world markets, together with highly qualified staff, we provide our clients on-the-spot technical support, until companies are able to make the best and independent use of the BeOne Transport management software solution.

Furthermore, for problems related to the infrustructural and networking area, there is available the first and second level Help Desk, with multilingual operators, guaranteed 7/7, 24/24, 365 days a year. Assistance for the applications is followed by experienced staff, to whom clients can also request the personalization and implementation of the software, which are executed and coordinated by our Development Center, through the launch of new releases and patches according to need.

All services and applications are supported by an on-line help and can be accessed electronically, with the client's prior permission, at the individual workplace, in any part of the world where the costumer is located.

Help Desk
  1. The first and second levels of Nova Systems' Help Desk, related to infrastructural problems, and the applications Help Desk manage requests through a software that allows us to monitor user calls ("tickets") through a single code.
  2. The tickets are analyzed by the first level Help Desk and, if the query is resolved, the desk is immediately closed, updating the documentation of the solutions.
  1. If the operation is more complex, the ticket passes to the second level Help Desk which will proceed to resolve the issue by sending the answer to the first level Help Desk, which, will close the operation, always updating the documentation of the solutions.
  2. If the inquiry is more complex, the ticket is delegated to the applications Help Desk that deals with problems related to applications and personalization. In case of complex requests, the applications Help Desk transfers the application to the Reference Account Manager.
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