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Management control


Administration of industrial account structure

An articulated account plan is administrated with a functional hierarchy and periods for competence. It has connections to the account plan in general accounting

Tms modules integration

Tms application modules are integrated to insert direct forecasting prices in a shipment or list.

Generic costs administration

Insertion of generic costs in order to determine the net operating margin

Price/standard rates managing

CRM module integration to manage price rates for supplier. Articulated standard rates can be applied for mass costs and so create forecast costs.

Functions for verify forecast costs

Step by step functions that allow to verify the forecasting of direct and indirect costs at the option of create account movements.

Functions for allocation and reshaping of costs and proceeds

Functions for allocation and reshaping of costs and proceeds to allocate minimum level movements

Budget administration

Administration of budget data that can be confronted with companies performances data

Period situation

It’s possible to have monthly or annual period situation according to various markers (branches, clients, services, etc.)

Corrections of financial statement

Movements generated to correct accruals, rediscounts and contingencies in the financial statement

BI native integration

Native integration of available dashboards or tools for creation of any Business Intelligence report

Files electronic storage integrated

Native integration of Files electronic storage



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Total Integration

The advantages of working with a single suite, in which fully integrated business management features are the uniqueness of the database, system configurability and ERP modularity. Total integration concerns the Cloud Service & Software Platform, the Transportation Management System, the Warehouse Management System, Common Management Applications, Accounting, Customs, and Common Business Applications.

A Single Database

A single database is the fundamental condition for a software solution, completely integrated where the individual modules interact among each other, guaranteeing the linearity and accuracy of the procedures.

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The Only Registry

The different applications refer to the only database, on which they operate in synchronicity to recall data, their elaboration and archiving, without the duplication of information and mismatches.

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