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Align business activity with market prospects and objectives. An ambitious target, but achievable thanks to BeOne's Management Control software. The solution developed by Nova Systems for transport, customs, logistics and international shipping companies allows you to identify which sectors are the best performers and at the same time allows you to improve the less profitable ones. It has become an indispensable tool for analysing and optimising the use of resources, to make decisions that will determine the future of your business and thus enhance profitability and operational planning.

The objectives of good management control are directly related to the size and complexity of the company. In other words, it is a strategic activity that, in the hands of management, makes it possible to better control the company's performance.

How does the management control software work in detail?

Management Control is an economic and non fiscal analysis system parallel to Accounting, which allows you to manage the economic control of your company. Unlike General Accounting, this specific BeOne module operates by competence date and managing cost forecasts, thus giving you the possibility of always having a reliable economic result, without the need to adjust accounting entries, except at the end of the financial year.

The Management Control software contains all the Costs and Revenues that determine the result and can be divided as follows:  

  • • Revenues, which include all invoices or credits issued to customers;
  • • Variable Costs (or Shipping Costs), which refer to costs related to shipping and/or transport services and which are directly dependent on traffic volumes;
  • • Fixed Costs (or General Costs), which refer to all costs or expenses that are not directly related to traffic and which are generally incurred regardless of the amount of traffic handled.

The BeOne Management Control software was developed by the Nova Systems Research and Development Centre for both the operational and accounting side. Through the functionality, the controller can monitor the direct costs and revenues related to the company's activity and core business (shipments, warehouse, customs, transport), but also the general expenses and revenues not related to the company's activity (recording bank expenses, e.g. salaries, utilities, but also possible rents of real estate rents).

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The balancing of the values reported in the profit and loss account in the general accounting (i.e. fiscal and synthetic) against the database of the analytical accounting (maximum detail), among other functions, also allows the production of the budget management.

In an extremely simple and automatic way, the module allows the definition of intra-annual balance sheets, both at the overall company level and at the level of any individual branches of transport companies. This is done by searching the entire database for the conditions that can determine Accruals, Deferrals and Contingencies, so that, compared to the fiscal accounting values, they can (virtually) determine reversals or increases that determine the final result of the balance sheet.

This is provided with tools that allow the operator to consult the conditions that determine the virtual entries, to identify the presence of any imputation errors, as well as to provide indications on the critical points detected during processing.

Practically a complete balance for the desired periods. All this is done automatically, simply and quickly.

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Total Integration

Thanks to the total integration between Management Control and the other modules of the BeOne Suite, you can examine the company's operating margins, so that you always have the general and specific trends under control. With the management system functionality, you can check each shipment in depth to calculate its profitability. From a single operation, you can then monitor the profitability of individual company departments, branches, cost centres, depending on how the operational planning activity is set up

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The Business Intelligence dashboards, available through integration with BeOne Analytics, make it possible to monitor both the individual modules of the TMS>shipping management system (i.e. the air, sea and land transport divisions, each with its specificities and peculiarities) and the synthesis of all previous data with the 'Management Control Dashboard', which provides an overview of transport and logistics companies for truly optimal management control.

The various specificities can be examined using Pivot Tables, already within the individual dashboards and with specific dashboards. You can also use the functions in the product to customize and save queries with specific filters, so that they can also be called up subsequently without having to perform all the settings again.

Recently, the Business Intelligence software has also been integrated into BeOne for Budget management, which can be populated either by using an excel sheet or manually and with the data already present in the management control from previous periods. In this way, you can make all the comparisons between the forecasted trend and the final balance, which is fed daily by the BeOne operations and accounting department.

B.I.'s various reports and dashboards allow you to track results according to hierarchies, reaching the following levels:

• Single Shipment Profitability

• Loading List Profitability

• Trip Profitability

• Line Profitability

• Customer Profitability

• Service Profitability

• Transport type Profitability

• Traffic Sector Profitability

• Branch Profitability

• Account Profitability

• Activity centre Profitability

• Grouping Profitability

• Company Profitability

Management Control Module:
Technical Specifications

Read the technical specifications about the management control module of our software platform.
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Management control


Administration of industrial account structure

An articulated account plan is administrated with a functional hierarchy and periods for competence. It has connections to the account plan in general accounting

Tms modules integration

Tms application modules are integrated to insert direct forecasting prices in a shipment or list.

Generic costs administration

Insertion of generic costs in order to determine the net operating margin

Price/standard rates managing

CRM module integration to manage price rates for supplier. Articulated standard rates can be applied for mass costs and so create forecast costs.

Functions for verify forecast costs

Step by step functions that allow to verify the forecasting of direct and indirect costs at the option of create account movements.

Functions for allocation and reshaping of costs and proceeds

Functions for allocation and reshaping of costs and proceeds to allocate minimum level movements

Budget administration

Administration of budget data that can be confronted with companies performances data

Period situation

It’s possible to have monthly or annual period situation according to various markers (branches, clients, services, etc.)

Corrections of financial statement

Movements generated to correct accruals, rediscounts and contingencies in the financial statement

BI native integration

Native integration of available dashboards or tools for creation of any Business Intelligence report

Files electronic storage integrated

Native integration of Files electronic storage

The Steps to Arrive at Go Live

When you step out of your office, there's a world going on that accomplishes everything you have planned. A sense of protection and security: Since 1981, the sense of serenity transmitted by Nova Systems' solutions is the premise with which allows you to feel satisfied at any time of the day. Looking to the future with confidence and without worries. Choose BeOne.



• Project profiling

• Demo & Analysis Specificities

• Individual meetings

• Project presentation

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• BeOne contract

• Start up activity confirmation

• Contract signature

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• KickOff with Key Users

• Cloud Environment creation and software parameterisation

• Data Migration

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• Individual or group training

• Training through the NovAcademy Business Unit 

• Support in the use of company funds

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• Physical presence of Product Account Managers at customer locations/branches

• A Team is in the Nova Systems office to support the company 

• The customer uses BeOne to manage the entire operational flow 

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• Application and Cloud Help Desk Support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

• Individual technical consulting and project analysis

• Release with new features and new products 

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• After the Go-Live, between Nova Systems and the client, a relationship focused on the company’s growth begins

• The Customer Success Manager becomes a trusted partner, with a proactive approach towards the company

• The CSM guides the company’s collaborators in discovering the BeOne solution full potential, to make the most out of every functionality

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Discover the total integration of BeOne

Click on the images to know into detail the specifications of each BeOne’s Suite module. The different applications refer to only one database, where they work in synchronization to recall data, their elaboration and archiving, avoiding duplication of information and misalignments. The BeOne solution is completely integrated with the activities demanded of shipping agents and logistics operators, ensuring the flexibility that sector operators require.

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