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Nova Systems is an Information & Communication Technology company with over 40 years of experience in the world of international freight forwarding, customs, transportation and logistics. 

A benchmark in the sector thanks to its innovative vocation, the company has further consolidated its presence in the market through its union with the Levia Group, thus launching the new digitization hub. 

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The protagonist of the new partnership is the ERP management system BeOne, the integrated suite of technological services and software for freight forwarders and logistics operators. This is an important milestone in the 10-year growth path of Nova Systems, which thus aims to guarantee an increasingly broad and innovative technological offering to its customers. 

"NOVA SYSTEMS. COMPLETE IN EVERY WAY" is the title of the communication campaign that marked an era for our company. A well-established reality in the world of solutions for the international freight forwarding, customs, transportation and logistics sector, which presented itself to the market through different facets, to best tell all the features that have made it unique over the years.



Nova Systems has crossed the 40-year mark with company know-how in the industry. Our TEAM consists of experienced international shippers, carriers and logisticians who have successfully contributed to the implementation of the BeOne software solution to improve our customers' information processes.

Corporate know-how and logistics software, when industry experience makes the difference.

We are future-oriented, with solid roots behind us, thanks to more than 40 years of experience in the world of international freight forwarding, transportation, customs and logistics. Among the pioneers in Italy to introduce the Cloud in 1998, we have been ahead of the times ever since thanks to the BeOne solution. Being innovative is a vocation, which is why we have never stopped looking ahead and feeding our corporate kwow-how: today as then, we do it with the same enthusiasm and thanks to our Research and Development Center we continue to guarantee our customers a continuous evolution of the application platform on which they operate. In this interview that I would like to share with you, made a few years ago by Valerio Avesani, who was at the Head of our company for a long time, Nova Systems' history and experience in the industry is well described: a journey through these 40 years that has seen Nova Systems always being one step ahead.

Riccardo Tarocco

Riccardo Tarocco


“We don’t know what the world will look like in ten years. But we know that we will be ready and we will be ready ahead of time.”

 Valerio Avesani

The history of Nova Systems is distinguished by some important innovative steps that have revolutionized the IT sector and, as a result, also that of the world of transport, shipping, and logistics. From perforated cards and teleprocessing to cloud systems, Nova Systems has always been to the forefront in offering its clients avant-garde solutions which are continually being updated. The latest result of Nova Systems' development centre is the BeOne Cloud Forwarding Suite, the IT solution for international couriers, transporters, and logisticians, with its multiple applications potential, and which is scalable and independent of the size of the businesses.

“Valerio Avesani, CEO of Nova Systems, has said that "In any corner of the world connected to the Internet we are present and we can offer our solutions".

How did the firm start up?

In 1981 a new world of IT applications was opening up. The batch era was ending and that of teleprocessing was starting: computers could at last link up terminals, with real-time transactions, to a central unit. In those years one of the main firms in Italy to have acquired a processor with these characteristics was Centro S.p.a., the data processing centre belonging to Albarelli S.p.a., then a well-known transport firm of which I was head of EDP. The market needed to have these applications and, given that we were among the first to program software with new languages, we were asked to realize systems based on teleprocessing. Consequently in 1981, together with other expert in this field, we founded Nova Systems.

Since then Nova Systems has always been a forerunner in the IT sector

Three years later we became a business partner of IBM. Already at the time we used systems that allowed businesses with various branches to be linked, through the networks, to a single central processor. A completely innovative way of working. The firms in the transport and international forwarding sectors were those who were most interested in the system.

From teleprocessing to CASE tool and to cloud, Nova Systems' evolution has been characterized by various important innovative steps forward.

The basic steps happened in the 1990 when we were the first Italian firm to adopt CASE tool software development, which really was revolutionary at the time. At first we were considered mad by our competitors, but in the space of a few years everyone adopted our solution. However, the real turning point came about in 1998 when we introduced cloud for the first time in Italy.

How did the idea of using cloud come about?

That year I went to see a client in Udine. We were about to use Euros as a single currency and to enter the new millennium. In order to deal with these epochal events businesses had to undergo some onerous technical updating. "Why doesn't Nova Systems offer a solution to all its clients from a single platform and itself shoulder all the necessary investments and sharing out the costs among all its interested clients?" my client asked. That moment a spark was struck and, after six months, we began with our first cloud client.

Over the year the firm has evolved notably and now it aims at internationalization, always offering its services with cloud computing.

For some time we had been thinking about an international-scale solution and the fact of offering our servicing using cloud computing has led us to this kind of initiative. Nova Systems' main current markets are Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Mexican, but our firm, which already has clients in every continent, aims to open to all markets throughout the world. The aim is to create a business that is increasingly international, and that in this way gives work to many people while keeping its capital in Italy.

What is Nova Systems other strong point?

Firms also choose us because of our experience which derives from the fact that Nova Systems' experts come from the sector of international transporters and know perfectly the work that our clients have to undertake. This is an enormous advantage for Nova Systems in such a specialized market. To this must be added the extreme professionalism of our software technicians and the total integration of all the modules: the BeOne Cloud Forwarding Suite is the result of this; it is highly performative and secure and, in a world that is constantly evolving, it is being constantly updated with IT links to and from its agents and branch offices thus creating a database that can allow international transporters to give a prompt service to its clientele.

Why was it necessary to offer your new NovAcademy service?

Our clients can count on the support of the NovAcademy for continuously updating their collaborators, with scheduled courses throughout the year in which individual businesses can enroll those employees who want to improve their knowledge of the operative aspects of individual modules and of all the new functions in order to give a better answer to their clients' requests.

A solution with many opportunities for firms in the sector of international shipping, logistical transporting, and logistics. What does it consist of?

The BeOne Cloud Forwarding Suite is a unique solution on the market; it is integrated with all the activities that an international shipper, transporter, or logistician might need to offer their clients; air, sea, and land traffic, customs operations, accountancy, management control, business intelligence, CRM, spot offers, tariffs, and the electronic archiving of documents, all in order to guarantee their services, even via the web, with the aim of always being in the vanguard in a market in continual evolution.



Nova Systems' business innovation is ensured through the activities of the Research and the Software Development Centre, which continuously updates the BeOne management platform.

Our Research and Development Center is steadily striving to identify cutting-edge technological solutions, ensuring that our customers are constantly evolving the BeOne Cloud application platform on which they operate. In order to support the business growth of its customers Nova Systems ensures continuous updating through software development of the latest technologies and solutions on the market.     

What does cloud innovation mean for companies? 

Using the cloud solution means being able to offer customers the ability to work anywhere in the world, with a significant reduction in costs for a complete and proper computerization of all departments of the company. All management applications and all IT services are transferred outside the client company and hosted in a single server farm equipped with all security systems and managed by professional technicians. Thanks to the work of our Software Research and Development Center we can guarantee even to small and medium-sized companies services at the highest levels with an investment in line with their budget. 




BeOne is a Suite composed of more than 40 fully integrated modules, each of them with a specific function. Some modules are Cross Operationals, so they can be used for any type of transport and traffic sector. This makes it possible to segment and subdivide activities according to company roles and tasks and to modulate concurrent licenses according to the actual users. From each module it is possible to recall functions of other products and manage the activities performed by any other operating module. 




BeOne, our software for freight forwarders and logistics operators,integrates different software to perform specific functions, using the best solutions available on the market. All activities are included in the Suite, where the user can manage any operation, making the use of the software simpler and more straight-forward. Thanks to this approach, the user does not perceive the complexity required to integrate different software and systems and does not have to learn how to use other applications.

Business Innovation  

We are constantly researching and developing new modules and features to help our customers increase their business. 
BeOne takes advantage of the latest technologies on the market and integrates them by making all new versions of the product available, with a constant improvement over previous updates. 
BeOne is in fact a living software for freight forwarders and logistics operators in a state of constant evolution. This is because regular updates are made available every two months, with a precise time frame. On the day of the release of a new BeOne version, a document (in Italian, English, Spanish and French) is published in the customer's private area, within Sinova (management platform dedicated to company communication), in which all the new features are specified. 


Performance directly affects the User Experience and makes the use of the software more comfortable. We are extremely careful about this aspect: when we create new modules or new functionalities to be introduced in BeOne, we just try to find the best solutions for freight forwarders and logistics operators without worrying about what development and research will mean for us in terms of time and complexity. Having a performance product increases productivity and enhances User Experience. 


We are deeply passionate about our work. We love what we create and we always try to do it at our best. For us, every new product we create is a challenge, thanks to which we improve our professional skills. 


In the BeOne shipping and logistics management software, data security and information confidentiality are guaranteed by Nova Systems, an IT company with over 40 years of experience in the field.


Data security is a highly delicate aspect that is most in demand among companies, so how is it guaranteed by Nova Systems?

Nova Systems keeps and protects the data of its customers in the Cloud, investing important resources for the improvement of the security systems, both active and passive, of the server farm and of the BeOne transport management software.

For our clients, as now for any organisation, data are indispensable in conducting any kind of business. By offering services in the Cloud, we are responsible for the management and storage of this wealth of information, so the security and confidentiality of information is of primary importance to us. The solutions we adopt to ensure the absolute inviolability of information include both technical and organisational aspects. 

Nova Systems has invested considerable resources over the years to perfect its security systems, to guarantee the service continuity and to the advantage of the logical and physical protection of the information managed in its server farm. 

The datacenters are located in areas with low seismic and alluvial risk, in structures equipped with REI 120 fireproof walls and automatic non-destructive inert gas fire-fighting systems for electrical equipment. The use of dedicated air conditioning systems, diesel engine generators and uninterruptible power supply batteries constantly ensure the power supply and make the server farm virtually independent of the public energy distribution network. From servers on virtual machines with multiple hosts, to the network with stacked devices, up to connectivity through differentiated carriers, the entire technological infrastucture of the datacenters is redundant and has been designed according to security. 

In addiction to being present inside the safe at the server farm, a copy of the back-up data is periodically archived and stored also externally, at the vault of a credit institution. 







The access to the server farm is recorded and monitored 24 hours a day both on the premises and remotely: the building is protected by burglar-proof locks with automatic activation and opening with biometric control, burglar alarm system and video surveillance. 

Since 1998, the year in which Nova Systems, among the first in Italy, began providing services in the Cloud in the field of transport management software, there has never been a breach of the system or the loss of data, nor has the integrity and confidentiality of customer information ever been compromised.

This was possible because, in addiction to the technological and infrastructural equipment, we have always taken particular care of the organizational aspects. We systematically conduct a risk assessment and management process, according to methods shared and verifiable by bodies outside the company; we apply industry best practices and keep constantly updated both the staff, through training programs, and the systems and procedures in order to ensure compliance with regulations and the highest levels of safety. 

Moreover, since 2002, Nova Systems has also adopted an ISO 9001 certified Quality Management System and operates according to methods aimed at continous improvement. 

Nova Systems has always invested in the provision of software in outsourcing and now that the market has understood the benefits of the Cloud we believe that the security aspects of information are increasingly essential to declare the success of a software solution. 




Nova Systems' Help-Desk provides assistance 24/24, 7/7, 365 days a year. Client-assistance has never been so simple and handy

How can client-assistance be ensured to a business that is opening on the international market?

Our Client-Assistance Service, made up of highly qualified staff, provides its Clients with punctual and competent technical support, so that they can make the best and indipendent use of the BeOne Software Solution for the International Shipping, Transport, Costums and Logistics world anywhere in the world. 

For a company that is opening up strongly to the international market, how is client-assistance ensured?

Through our technical and commercial offices in the main world markets, together with highly qualified staff, we provide our clients on-the-spot technical support, until companies are able to make the best and independent use of the BeOne Transport management software solution.

Furthermore, for problems related to the infrustructural and networking area, there is available the first and second level Help Desk, with multilingual operators, guaranteed 7/7, 24/24, 365 days a year. Assistance for the applications is followed by experienced staff, to whom clients can also request the personalization and implementation of the software, which are executed and coordinated by our Development Center, through the launch of new releases and patches according to need.

All services and applications are supported by an on-line help and can be accessed electronically, with the client's prior permission, at the individual workplace, in any part of the world where the costumer is located.

Help Desk
  1. The first and second levels of Nova Systems' Help Desk, related to infrastructural problems, and the applications Help Desk manage requests through a software that allows us to monitor user calls ("tickets") through a single code.
  2. The tickets are analyzed by the first level Help Desk and, if the query is resolved, the desk is immediately closed, updating the documentation of the solutions.
  1. If the operation is more complex, the ticket passes to the second level Help Desk which will proceed to resolve the issue by sending the answer to the first level Help Desk, which, will close the operation, always updating the documentation of the solutions.
  2. If the inquiry is more complex, the ticket is delegated to the applications Help Desk that deals with problems related to applications and personalization. In case of complex requests, the applications Help Desk transfers the application to the Reference Account Manager.


Nova Systems strengthens the conversation with customers through the figure of the Customer Success Manager. Objective: to create new business opportunities for shippers and logistics operators.


Taking care of our customers is a key component of our business. Gathering your ideas and learning from your experiences allows us to improve and develop new products and services, customizing them for every need.

“No one knows you as well as your soul mate”.  This is the concept we chose to describe the importance we place on the Dialogue with the client, specifically through the BeOne Cloud Forwarding Suite software solution, which is much more than a simple software, and the figure of the Customer Success Manager.  

BeOne is much more than just a simple software application. Just like a soul mate, it adapts perfectly to the needs of companies, guiding them in their business and becoming an integral part of the work of shipping agents and logistics operators.  All the activities are included in the Suite, in which the user can manage any operation, making use the software simple and easy.



The BeOne management system for logistics and transport is able to meet every need of shippers and logistics operators, thanks to the work of the Nova Systems Research and Development Center, which has the objective of accompanying the business growth of customers with innovations and features that can improve daily activities.  
Today this is even easier. Nova Systems has introduced a new professional figure, the Customer Success Manager, the trusted partner who proactively cultivates conversation with customers to enable them to take full advantage of the potential of BeOne software.  
This establishes a direct line and a relationship of trust, which allows the company to have the best solutions to stay one step ahead of the market and thus obtain new business opportunities.   

We listen to our customers and their needs, we analyze them and provide the right tools, always trying to create something unique.  


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