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edi system

Data flow interchange system

In the freight forwarding and logistics sector, speed and accuracy in the exchange of information have become priorities. Among the additional features offered by Nova Systems is the BeOne EDI system (Electronic Data Interchange), used by companies to send data in digital format. A paradigm shift that has a positive impact on the work of the industry.

Integrating a standardised data flow format into the management system reduces the costs of company transactions and the time needed to trace information and to process orders. You can thus have more time to dedicate to the actual planning and management of the company's business.

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cElectronic Data Interchange

What I can do with BeOne's EDI system:

BeOne's Electronic Data Interchange allows you to exchange different types of standardised documents between heterogeneous information systems. This is because EDI is able to collect document data flow in any format and automatically sends it to its destination in the format required by the customer.

The use of the EDI system is strategic because it integrates with many modules of the BeOne solution, including the Document Management System (Electronic Archiving), BeOne e-Invoice (electronic invoicing), TMS and WMS.

The informations that can be exchanged through BeOne, thanks to the use of the EDI system, are several: the information that can be exchanged through BeOne:

  • • Personal data
  • • Articles
  • • Outcomes
  • • Invoices
  • • Forms
  • • Customs manifest
  • • Accounting Movements
  • • Warehouse movements
  • • Customers Orders
  • • Supplier Orders
  • • POD (Proof of Delivery)
  • • Collections
  • • Package labels
  • • Shipping
More and more messages are exchanged through EDI

These are the statistics of BeOne:

year: 2018 – Messages exchanged: 20.844.612

year: 2019 – Messages exchanged: 23.468.274

year: 2020 – Messages exchanged: 19.948.455 (as of 05/11/2020)

An example of exchange of information concerns the taking over of shipments by a partner.

  • • The transport informations that the partner entrusts to the forwarder is received via EDI so that the shipment data does not have to be re-entered into the system;

  • • When the shipment is delivered to the consignee, the result of the shipment and the POD via EDI are sent to the partner so that the partner receives and imports the information into his system automatically.Likewise, if it is the customer of Nova Systems to entrust a shipment to a partner;

  • • The shipment informations to be entrusted are sent via EDI to the partner so that the partner does not have to re-enter the shipment data into his system, but finds them already uploaded

  • • When the partner has made the delivery, he will send me the result and the POD via EDI, so that I automatically find the shipment in "delivered" status and the POD is entered in electronic storage.

Discover all the advantages

THE ADVANTAGES that come from using the EDI system for the data flow management:

  • • It allows enormous time savings for data entry operators, who, if I receive the information directly from the partner's information system, do not have to manually re-enter the data into the system;

  • • the possibility of human errors is reduced or even eliminated because it increases the accuracy of the information. On the other hand, if I have to manually re-enter the data in the management system, typing errors by operators could occur (e.g. wrong company names or, even worse, wrong amounts);

  • • the use of paper is no longer necessary, with the consequent reduction in management costs and greater attention to environmental protection;

  • • EDI facilitates the exchange of information in real time between the two partners;

  • • given the fundamental importance of EDI, service continuity is guaranteed thanks to the redundancy of data (Business Continuity) guaranteed by Nova Systems;

  • • the EDI system is guaranteed by Nova Systems, which has an internal department with specialised and qualified staff that deals exclusively with EDI services;

  • • in the EDI portal the customer can configure the alerts to be activated according to his preferences. In this way the notification system warns the user that the data has been received via e-mail or reports any errors.

The Steps to Arrive at Go Live

When you step out of your office, there's a world going on that accomplishes everything you have planned. A sense of protection and security: Since 1981, the sense of serenity transmitted by Nova Systems' solutions is the premise with which allows you to feel satisfied at any time of the day. Looking to the future with confidence and without worries. Choose BeOne.



• Project profiling

• Demo & Analysis Specificities

• Individual meetings

• Project presentation

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• BeOne contract

• Start up activity confirmation

• Contract signature

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• KickOff with Key Users

• Cloud Environment creation and software parameterisation

• Data Migration

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• Individual or group training

• Training through the NovAcademy Business Unit 

• Support in the use of company funds

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• Physical presence of Product Account Managers at customer locations/branches

• A Team is in the Nova Systems office to support the company 

• The customer uses BeOne to manage the entire operational flow 

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• Application and Cloud Help Desk Support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

• Individual technical consulting and project analysis

• Release with new features and new products 

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• After the Go-Live, between Nova Systems and the client, a relationship focused on the company’s growth begins

• The Customer Success Manager becomes a trusted partner, with a proactive approach towards the company

• The CSM guides the company’s collaborators in discovering the BeOne solution full potential, to make the most out of every functionality

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