Make the most of your workflow organization

The activities of international transport and freight forwarding companies require flexibility and rapidity of action. This is why, in the face of procedures and regulatory aspects that are sometimes intricate and complex, it is necessary to rely on a software that enables you to set up an optimized workflow.
A real operational and organizational model designed to be in total symbiosis with the transport company’s collaborators.

What is the result?

High performance and more efficient and effective use of all resources deployed.

Find out how. Here's the workflow that any operative can set up in the land transportation business, in this case full truckload transportation.

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With BeOne software it is possible to issue spot offers to customers, setting up in a simple and intuitive way all the data necessary to quantify the requested transport.The data are entered into the system and through the history you can keep track of all the offers issued and those accepted, thus displaying how they have evolved over time and thus giving the possibility to make quotations even more in line with the needs of the transportation company.

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To create the order, the customer accepts the offer and forwards the transport order to the company. Orders are sent electronically, through EDI, or handled directly over the phone or via e-mail. Alternatively, the loaded transport order can be associated with the previously issued offer, in order to maintain the agreed economic information.

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The orders to be planned are displayed on the screen and consequently the availability of vehicles and drivers, which must be cross-referenced with the customer's requests. BeOne facilitates the choice and management of personnel. During the planning of the trip the dispatcher has in fact the possibility to have always under control the availability of the vehicles, both for the activities to be carried out and those in progress, and for the operational and administrative deadlines, which affect the fleet management , as well as the situation of the drivers.

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The set of control and management activities of vehicles and drivers/carriers, in relation to the chosen routes, allows an increase in efficiency and a considerable reduction in costs and CO2 emissions. Once the vehicles and drivers available for the execution of the trip have been identified, it is necessary to optimize the tour, avoiding empty kilometers. With the FTL module for the management of full truckload transport you have a ready view of the position of each vehicle, so as to reduce to the maximum the kilometers traveled without goods.

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The journey to be made - in other words, the place, time of loading of the vehicle and any particularities - is telematically communicated to the driver; documentation is then produced which must be presented, if necessary, when the goods are collected.

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6 • TRIP

The details of the assigned trip are communicated to the carrier. Depending on the technological tools installed on the truck, it is possible to have a series of interactions between the vehicle itself and BeOne. The fulltruck load software provides real-time information on the status of the journey, its traceability, the loading or unloading of goods, any management of pallets, the hours of stop and much more.

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By using the Geolocation it is possible to identify the optimal route. Cartography helps to identify the best route in terms of time and kilometers to be covered. The objective is to manage the execution of the trip in the best way. Depending on the equipment present on the vehicle, BeOne can be integrated with satellite systems and with other devices installed on the vehicle. 

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The documentation related to the trip can be digitized, archived and associated with the trip itself and therefore easily accessible from the BeOne application. It is possible to manage a series of documents, such us the transport order confirmation to the customer and the transport order to be sent to the third-party carrier. It is also possible to directly issue and manage both single and cumulative CMRs.

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Thanks to the BeOne software it is possible to issue a single or cumulative invoice for several trips. In the invoice, all the elements concerning the trip are reported in detail. It is possible to issue a self-invoice, that is a summary to be provided to the third party carrier regarding the trips it has carried out.

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In the field of management control, BeOne Analytics, BeOne's Business intelligence tool allows a complete analysis of all activities related to travel, from the vehicles used to the staff. Thanks to the Business Intelligence tools it is possible to obtain a precise analysis of the company's performance. The data to be analyzed are those typical of FTL land transport, but all types of statistical analysis are possible from a strategic point of view.

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