Software for logistics and transport management for freight forwarding companies BeOne

Looking for logistics software for international freight forwarding companies, carries and customs operators? Nova Systems, an IT company with 40 years’ experience in the sector, has developed the BeOne solution, the logistics management software designed with one aim in mind: to increase your productivity.

thanks to beone,you will be able to manage all your operations simply, quickly and efficiently. This is the secret of our solution: through a unique database, you can optimise all the activities that characterise the work of international freight forwarders, from the warehouse to the trasport of goods, right up to consumer management and electronic invoicing.

find out how to best coordinate all the shipping phases with a modular,fully integrated, scalable software for logistics management that is independent of the size of your company.

Cloud Logistics management for transportation,customs operator and freight forwarding companies

Nova Systems’ campaign for BeOne, logistics software, transport management, international shipping and customs


2021 is a special year for Nova Systems and we want to celebrate it with you.

We will take you on a journey through the emotions that have marked the 40 years of Nova Systems and that guide the day-to-day activities of the logistics operators and freight forwarders who use our software solution.

Starting from the satisfaction you feel when a result has been achieved, thanks to the constant improvement of performance. Furthermore, when we talk about data protection, we cannot ignore the peace of mind that comes from using a secure software solution. At the backbone of everything, today as in the past, is the passion that drives both us and our customers to discover increasingly innovative solutions.

Our journey continues through sensitivity, an emotion linked to the desire to be protagonists of an important change, in the field of environmental sustainability, with an eye to the future. Finally, sharing: since 1981 together with you we have been defying every challenge that the market presents to us, with a constant open and sincere exchange of ideas

Each sensation is linked to different areas and tells an important part of our and your work.

Past, present and future come together, with a common denominator: improving the quality of life of our customers.

Let yourself go, it's time for emotions.

What is your role in the company? Discover the advantages of BeOne


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Priano Marchelli: "Our IT partner plays a fundamental role"

"Being able to adopt the same organizational model with the same IT Tools of the BeOne WMS, we are assured of the same level of service on our worldwide logistics platforms, guaranteeing complete traceability of the flows and processes with total visibility in real time on the entire supply chain." explains Luca Brunoni, General Manager Priano Marchelli.

Formaro: "Customs innovations opportunity for development"

A historic company with a strong innovative vocation. Formaro Spedizioni Srl founded its roots in Pordenone in 1985, in the heart of the productive northeast. Since then they have made personalized solutions their belief, always using the latest technologies on the market. "We were among the first, in 1998, to adopt Nova Systems’ Cloud solutions. A choice which has proven to be successful", explains Alessandro Formaro, CEO of Formaro Spedizioni Srl.

Moeni Pentenè, Facilities and Warehouses Manager at Priano Marchelli

"The diversity of the merchandise is one of the main variables in our business. In organizing stocks and flows it is necessary to keep in consideration all these variables and in this activity the professionality and experience of our team in the sector is effectively supported by Nova Systems's WMS module".

Multilogistics chooses BeOne: “It will enable us to save resources for research and development”

“The growth of our company is connected to the increasingly close link between the forwarding sector and the supply chain, in a context that is no longer the classic supplier and client framework but a partnership, with a direct and immediate relationship." Massimo Mirizzi, managing director of Multilogistics, leads a company undergoing great development, with branches in Genoa, Turin, Milan, Verona, Bologna and, in Spain, Barcelona and Valencia. “In the coming years, it is our intention to increase the market in the United States and in Asia,” said Mirizzi, according to whom “the transport sector in Italy is undergoing a marked improvement”.

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