In the BeOne shipping and logistics management software, data security and information confidentiality are guaranteed by Nova Systems, an IT company with over 40 years of experience in the field.


Data security is a highly delicate aspect that is most in demand among companies, so how is it guaranteed by Nova Systems?

Nova Systems keeps and protects the data of its customers in the Cloud, investing important resources for the improvement of the security systems, both active and passive, of the server farm and of the BeOne transport management software.

For our clients, as now for any organisation, data are indispensable in conducting any kind of business. By offering services in the Cloud, we are responsible for the management and storage of this wealth of information, so the security and confidentiality of information is of primary importance to us. The solutions we adopt to ensure the absolute inviolability of information include both technical and organisational aspects. 

Nova Systems has invested considerable resources over the years to perfect its security systems, to guarantee the service continuity and to the advantage of the logical and physical protection of the information managed in its server farm. 

The datacenters are located in areas with low seismic and alluvial risk, in structures equipped with REI 120 fireproof walls and automatic non-destructive inert gas fire-fighting systems for electrical equipment. The use of dedicated air conditioning systems, diesel engine generators and uninterruptible power supply batteries constantly ensure the power supply and make the server farm virtually independent of the public energy distribution network. From servers on virtual machines with multiple hosts, to the network with stacked devices, up to connectivity through differentiated carriers, the entire technological infrastucture of the datacenters is redundant and has been designed according to security. 

In addiction to being present inside the safe at the server farm, a copy of the back-up data is periodically archived and stored also externally, at the vault of a credit institution. 







The access to the server farm is recorded and monitored 24 hours a day both on the premises and remotely: the building is protected by burglar-proof locks with automatic activation and opening with biometric control, burglar alarm system and video surveillance. 

Since 1998, the year in which Nova Systems, among the first in Italy, began providing services in the Cloud in the field of transport management software, there has never been a breach of the system or the loss of data, nor has the integrity and confidentiality of customer information ever been compromised.

This was possible because, in addiction to the technological and infrastructural equipment, we have always taken particular care of the organizational aspects. We systematically conduct a risk assessment and management process, according to methods shared and verifiable by bodies outside the company; we apply industry best practices and keep constantly updated both the staff, through training programs, and the systems and procedures in order to ensure compliance with regulations and the highest levels of safety. 

Moreover, since 2002, Nova Systems has also adopted an ISO 9001 certified Quality Management System and operates according to methods aimed at continous improvement. 

Nova Systems has always invested in the provision of software in outsourcing and now that the market has understood the benefits of the Cloud we believe that the security aspects of information are increasingly essential to declare the success of a software solution. 


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