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With BeOne you can manage the fiscal accounting, the analytical accounting and the process of e-Invoicing. You can exchange electronic invoices between private (B2B) and with the Public Administration (B2G) with a simple click. The BeOne Accounting module is perfectly integrated with the other modules of the suite and it automatizes both the active and passive cycle of invoicing. The electronic invoicing allows to digitize the business processes, making them simpler, innovative and safer, and to lower the costs of stationery and filing of the documents. These are the principal advantages of which the firms of the sector of the transports, of the international consignments, of the customs and of the logistics can profit from the use of the new module BeOne e-invoice created by NovaSystems to manage the electronic invoicing B2B and B2G

Mandatory Electronic Invoicing

From January 1st 2019 the obligation of the electronic invoicing between the private economic operators, natural and legal person for the operations carried out towards other VAT registered operators went into effect in Italy, as long as the transfer of goods and the performance of services happen between resident subjects inside the territory of the Italian State.

The electronic invoice must be issued in a digital format called XML, eXtensible Markup Language. With the BeOne e-invoice module the processes of the Trustor (Accounts Receivable) and of the Assignee (Accounts Payable) are digitalized.

Nova Systems offers therefore a punctual and efficient service, specially created for the firms of the sector of the transports, of the international consignments, of the customs and of the logistics. A change that has become a great opportunity for the firms of the sector.

fatturazione elettronica normativa

E-Invoicing: the regulations

The provisions on e-Invoicing laid down by the 2018 Budget Law form part of the measures to fight against tax evasion. The new obligation concerns every VAT registered operator and it entered into force definitively on January 1st 2019. Specifically, the Regulation lays down that the electronic invoices must be issued only for the transfer of goods and the performance of services - besides the changes therein - between resident subjects inside the territory of the Italian State.

The e-Invoicing process is governed by the Italian Law that allows to manage and save directly in digital format both the receivable and the payable accounts of the invoices of a company.

The electronic Invoicing, mandatory for the Government from March 31st 2015, became optional from January 1st 2017 between the private economic operators in order to simplify the Italian tax collection agency and improve the tracking of the operations. The third step of the program of invoicing digitization took place from July 1st 2018 and consists in the obligatory issuing of an electronic invoice from suppliers of oil products for automotive fuel and from subcontractors in public procurement of the Italian Government. The e-invoicing between private economic operators (B2B) came into force on the national territory on January 1st 2019.

fatturazione elettronica B2B

Electronic invoicing B2B

The electronic invoicing between private parties represents a huge benefit for all Italian companies by digitizing their own business processes simplifying and making them innovative, safe and simple

The following are some of the several economic benefits from digitization:

 • To lower the costs of stationery (paper, envelopes and stamps);

 • To eliminate the costs of printing and shipping;

 • To lower the costs of filing of the documents;

 • To cut the time of filing and searching.

The electronic invoicing is based on the principles of digitization. The greatest benefit of the electronic invoicing does not reside only in the ecological aspect but in the digitization of the company internal processes.

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Nova Systems assistance is global, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year (*ask for our “Assistenza Gold”). The help desk available for our customers with multilingual operators and highly qualified personnel: it’s as easy as opening a Ticket in the Private Area or right from the dedicated page. The assistance on applications is provided by our Project Leaders and Account Manager.

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Data security is guaranteed.

Nova Systems is concluding an agreement with the organizations specialized in Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery and it’s among the first IT companies in Italy in obtaining the ISO/IEC 27001 certificate for
“Information Security Management”..

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Accounting Module :
Technical specifications

Read the technical specifications about the accounting module in our Software platform or contact us for any information.



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Management control


Administration of industrial account structure

An articulated account plan is administrated with a functional hierarchy and periods for competence. It has connections to the account plan in general accounting

Tms modules integration

Tms application modules are integrated to insert direct forecasting prices in a shipment or list.

Generic costs administration

Insertion of generic costs in order to determine the net operating margin

Price/standard rates managing

CRM module integration to manage price rates for supplier. Articulated standard rates can be applied for mass costs and so create forecast costs.

Functions for verify forecast costs

Step by step functions that allow to verify the forecasting of direct and indirect costs at the option of create account movements.

Functions for allocation and reshaping of costs and proceeds

Functions for allocation and reshaping of costs and proceeds to allocate minimum level movements

Budget administration

Administration of budget data that can be confronted with companies performances data

Period situation

It’s possible to have monthly or annual period situation according to various markers (branches, clients, services, etc.)

Corrections of financial statement

Movements generated to correct accruals, rediscounts and contingencies in the financial statement

BI native integration

Native integration of available dashboards or tools for creation of any Business Intelligence report

Files electronic storage integrated

Native integration of Files electronic storage

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