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Communication is deeply impacting the transport and logistics sector. Are you ready to take up this new challenge?

Establishing a direct line with customers has become essential. From now on, you can do it thanks to the innovative services of Nova Systems, the only software house that provides you with the solution to improve the relationship with your customers. All of this is possible thanks to the BeOne’s Communications Management module, the software that enables you to to create e-Mail Marketing campaigns, Newsletters, Spot Offers with distinct and captivating templates.

But there is more. Nova Systems has also created MkT Communication, an internal marketing and communication agency, that uses the BeOne’s integrated applications and therefore speaks the same language as you.

What are you waiting for? This is the future of transport and logistics.

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Welcome to the future of transport and logistics

Communications Management is BeOne’s software platform that allows you to manage your communications to customers. Users are able to configure independently their targeted marketing campaigns, which can be created by using distinct and captivating templates, and to send them to precise contact lists.

The communication channels that can be used are:

E-Mails in HTML format

E-Mails in Text format


Paper documents thanks to the Microsoft Word Print Union feature.

Operative departments can generate marketing campaigns to increase their traffic, by including commercial offers on shipping and rates. Thanks to Communications Management you can do:

E-MAIL MARKETING: Communication activities aimed at both customers and their employees, to expand your company's range of action by promoting your activities and corporate brand.

SPOT OFFERS: Commercial offers that users can customize and send independently to customers and that can be accepted directly into the BeOne's Collaboration Platform.

SMS: Another Communications Management’s feature available to the users, to communicate directly and effectively with their customers.

What are the Advantages of the Communications Management Module?

Thanks to Communications Management you have a new reference point to communicate who you are and what your company does. A tool that allows you to customize any information to the outside world, bringing out the professionalism of your company;

You have three tools at your disposal: e-mail marketing, spot offers and SMS, which allow you to be near at any time and from anywhere to the customer, saving time and money and offering an extremely professional service;

Give more visibility to your offers by increasing the range of action, thus reaching more contacts and with more chances of having confirmed transactions;

Thanks to MkT Communication you have the opportunity to completely renew or make a simple Refresh of your company's image to make your Brand effective and recognizable to everyone.

Communications Management is directly integrated with your BeOne database. This means you will save time and human resources in the set-up operations, because once the contract is signed, you can instantly start communicating to your audience;

You are autonomous throughout every process, because once the communications’layout is designed, the Communications Management allows you to change texts and internal links and create a range of communications. All this can be done in a simple and intuitive way by your operators;

Thanks to the integrated Communications Management tools and BeOne’s Analytics Dashboards, it is possible to monitor the success of your marketing campaign by analysing which links have been opened the most and which recipients are more interested, depending on the number of times an email has been opened;

Talk and having people talking about your Brand to increase your Redemption, that is the result in absolute terms or percentages of a promotional operation.

What can I do thanks to the Communications Management of BeOne?


E-mail marketing is one of the most effective web marketing tools, essential for companies that want to effectively communicate their news or commercial offers. A means of communication that the Beone User can exploit thanks to Communications Management. A simple and effective tool that allows you to keep an open dialogue with your customers.

The Distribution Lists for e-Mail Marketing activities may be of different nature and specific for transport type and traffic sector: Private Lists, for the exclusive use of the user who owns the Distribution List, or Public Lists, operable by everyone, but editable only by the user who owns the Distribution List. Both types of lists can be created and shared with other users. You can define which users have the authorization to send and manage each single list.

The integration of Communications Management with the BeOne CRM, allows you to generate mailing lists when a Rate adjustment occurs, by either manually or by using the tools for the parametric or visual variation of tariffs, in order to promptly communicate to the customer the adjustment of his Rate.

Through the mailing list preview, it is possible to verify the contents before sending the marketing campaign.

The Bounce management, that is the non-delivery of the email to the recipient, is directly controlled in the BeOne database. This allows you to correct the contact details in the related customer code and re-send the message to all addresses that have been modified. Any unsubscribe by the recipient of a specific mailing list is managed in Communications Management in compliance with GDPR regulations.

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Thanks to Communications Management it is also possible to generate commercial messages, such as Spot Offers. These are documents that are generated through BeOne's operational modules. The e-mails sent may contain a link to connect you to the Collaboration Platform, the collaborative platform of Beone, which contains a number of services and features designed for the world of Transportation and Logistics to offer to your customers.

The spot offer sent to the customer can be confirmed simply with a click.

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In the same way, it is also possible to manage Shipment Tracking without authentication. Through the Communications Management, the Status Update of the Shipments are sent and, by clicking on the link contained in the email itself, it is possible to view all details of the Tracking. This is particularly useful in the B2C world, where the subjects involved are not codified, but simply mentioned in the shipment’s data.

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Thanks to Communications Management, it is also possible to generate SMS messages, which allow you to communicate directly with all your customers by using the lists created by selecting the phone number from the same database used for e-mail marketing. For this feature, as for all the others, it is very important to base your communication campaigns on a correctly profiled database.

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The integrated Data Mining tools, that is the extraction in real time of data from the BeOne database, allow the user to feed the recipients of the mailing list, taking them from the contacts registered in the related customer codes.

In the Data Quality process, that is the qualification of data from a database that can be activated in BeOne's CRM module, it is possible to validate single contacts, so as to get correct and reliable information.


Data Mining can analyse the following data:

  • Clients
  • Prospects
  • Leads
  • Marketing Data
  • Classifications
  • Rates
  • Spot Offers
  • Shipping

It is possible to filter researches according to several elements, for example Type of Transport and Traffic Sector, Service, Branch, Country, Province or Region.

Through the Data Mining features, users can also manage the distribution lists, which let you organize your contacts and send e-mails to Groups of people, without having to enter each time individual addresses.

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Frequently, companies in the sector do not have time enough to follow this strategic area because more focused on their business. That is why Nova Systems has created MkT Communication, which provides you the innovative services of Nova Systems' communication and marketing division, specialized in logistics and transportation. Starting right from the configuration of communications to your customers. MkT Communication can manage for your company the following services: identification of the most suitable communication strategy, Web marketing and landing page creation, Seo & Adv, Social Media, e-Mail marketing, Press Office, Content creation, Graphic design and event organization.

Communicating, and knowing how to do it right, is more and more important for service companies and not only for those that sell products, but there are still few companies in logistics and transportation that invest wisely in a such strategic area. If you think about it, this is a remarkable competitive advantage: this is the most favourable moment to promote the corporate image and to study an effective positioning in a constantly evolving market.

In the B2B world, communication becomes more specialised and professional and this is even more true in the logistics sector. We need communication tools that allow us to transmit technical information and that enhance the benefits and attributes of a specific logistics or transport service.
This is where MkT Communication comes into play.
We speak the same language as you, a fundamental prerequisite to show the market your company and raise the level of your corporate communication.
Take advantage of the competitive edge and contact us to evaluate together the best communication strategy for you.


Technical Specification of the
Communications Management module:

Read the technical specifications of the Communications Management module of our Software platform.

Communication Management


Marketing campaign, mailing list, newsletter

Creation of marketing campaign, newsletter and others messages by standard or HTML e-mails, or SMS

Integrated data mining

Data mining tools for the creation of different mailing lists generated from personal and traffic data, offers and rates.

Administration of distribution lists

It’s possible administrate public, private or shared distribution lists for every marketing activity

Unsubscribe central administration

Clients automatically administrate newsletter unsubscribe through a notification to the reference work group

Automatic messaging administration

Automatic emission and forwarding of messages from specific actions generated from inside the system

Files electronic storage integrated

E-mails contain dynamic links to system generated files

Collaboration platform integration

E-mails contain dynamic links to the application object related to the e-mail itself

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