Collaboration Platform | Collaborative Software for logistics and shipment tracking Be One
Are you looking for a software platform that makes your customers
independent in the research of information related to the shipments?
BeOne Collaboration Platform is the answer.
Collaboration platform collaborative software for quotation request

COLLABORATION PLATFORM | Collaborative Software for logistics

Email exchanges and phone calls with customers to quote a shipment?

They will soon be a distant memory.

Welcome to the new era of BeOne's collaborative digitalization.

Thanks to the Collaboration tools, your customers can find all the information they need autonomously. Through the Autoquote tool, shipments are created and taken over in real time. Customers can also track their cargo and documents related to the ongoing or preceding operations.

Try the new platform, you will never go back.  Discover all the possibilities of the Collaborative software.

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Discover the new collaborative digitalization era

BeOne Collaboration Platform is the new BeOne's web collaborative platform.

Platform: it offers to your customers several services and functionalities realized for the world of Transportation and Logistics;

Collaborative: it allows a real-time interaction with your commissioners;

Web: it is accessible in any part of the world where an Internet connection and a Browser Web are available;

New Generation: the application has been entirely developed with the best technologies on the market. It's an HTML5, CSS, Boostrap4 application written in ASP.NET. Being responsive, its layout easily and automatically adapts to the viewing device.

Taylor made: the applications and services of the platform can be configured independently for each customer.

The platform is divided into 5 macro-areas. Each area contains specific applications.

Area TMS - Transportation Management System:

Shipments Tracking & Tracing for customers and partners
Shipments Delivery Outcome and POD (Proof of Delivery) Upload
Cargo pickup request registration
Predossier and pickup information registration
Services Planning – frequency and transit time publication per nation

Area DMS - Document Management System

Research and display of Electronic Documents addressed to customers and partners, such as transport documents, invoices, offers, etc.

Area CRM - Customer Relationship Management

Spot Offers – it enables to research, display and confirm Spot Offers
Quotation Request Registration – it enables to request a transport quotation
Autoquote Registration – it enables to enter a transport request, that is quoted in real-time
Preferential Tarif Research – it enables the customer to research the transport costs among all preferential tariffs

Area WMS - Warehouse Management System

Stock analysis
Customer Orders analysis

Area BI - Business intelligence

The platform enables the publication of Dashboards containing the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) or
Dashboard designed for the Final Customer

What are the advantages of the Collaboration Platform?

1. The Collaboration Platform replaces the traditional communication tools, such as emails and phone calls, so it enables you to save time.

2. The Suite allows the digitalization of your business processes and the management of all documents in digital version, thus reducing paper.

3. Information are always up to date and stored in a single platform, thus reducing the dispersion of documents and communications.

4. By using the Autoquote tool for the quotation request, the shipments are created and assigned in real-time.

5. Through the shipment tracking the customer can also track its cargo and the documents related to the ongoing operations and to the older ones.

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What I can do with the BeOne Collaboration Platform for Logistics:

How can the Collaboration Platform reduce Back-Office activities?

The data entered in the platform by customers populate directly the database of BeOne, simplifying and reducing the Back-Office workload. The tasks carried out by the Back-Office, for example the valorisation of a Quotation Request, that originates a Spot Offer in "In Acceptance" status, are visible and manageable in real-time on the Collaboration tools. This enables the operator to interact immediately with customers and negotiate any requests appropriately.

Can I check the shipment status?

The actions taken by any user connected to the platform, such as the creation of a spot offer or the registration of a predossier, automatically originate specific activities for a Work Group or a particular user, notifying the demands so that they can be handled in real-time. The result is an improved proactivity in operations management. With regard to Shipments Track & Tracing, it is possible to publish the Shipments Status Updates managed by the Work Flow of BeOne. The information to publish can be decided according to the nature of the subject that will use the platform (Shipper, Consignee or Partner). The same applies to the electronic documents both issued and received, that are visible directly from the platform.

What about real-time Spot Offers?

The Collaboration tools are also integrated with the Communication Management. HTML emails automatically sent by the Communication Management contain hyperlinks that enable the receiver to connect to the platform. For example, a Spot Offer forwarded to your customer can be confirmed by simply clicking on the link contained in the message. Also, Shipments Tracking & Tracing can be managed in the same way, with no need of authentication. In this case, the Communication Management sends Shipments Status Updates and the user accesses to all the tracking details simply by clicking on the link contained in the email. This is particularly useful in relation to B2C, where the subjects involved are not codified but mentioned in the Shipments data.

How can I communicate offers and services to my customers?

Another new feature introduced by the Collaborative Suite, is the possibility to add advertising banners on the web platform. Banners allow to convey the introduction of new services or the improvement of others, and are entirely manageable by the customer. They can contain both texts and images, that represent the company's look & feel, and can be linked to specific webpages in your official website. It is possible to manage the start and the end publication date for each banner.

Collaboration platform collaborative software for quotation request
Collaboration Platform Video

Watch the preview of the platform's features in this video

Collaboration Platform


Spot offers administration

Clients can request spot offers on line. Accesses and requests are memorized and work group receive a notification

Self-quote administration

Clients can elaborate a quotation from traffic data by using specific or standard rates. All self-quotes are memorized

Publication of preferential/standard quotes

Rates can be publicated with option for highlighting of rates updates

Pick-up orders administration

Clients can request the shipment pick-up on line. A notification will be sent to the work group

Request Booking

Clients can order shipment pick up on line and insert the shipment dossier’s principal data

Track and Trace

Clients can track and trace their shipment on line

Result of shipment and delivery proof upload

Correspondents can insert the delivery data of their shipment on line and upload them on iPod

Sharing Electronic document

Clients and suppliers can consult electronic documents on line

Profit Share

Correspondents can fill the profit share part within their authority

Warehouse on somebody else's behalf

Depositors can consult warehouse state and stored products

Activity IM and chat integration

It is possible to generate your own activities or assign activities to someone or to a work group. The activities can be connected to any application object.

KPI publication with Business Intelligence

t’s possible to post ad hoc dashboards that summarize traffic data and performance indicators

The Steps to Arrive at Go Live

When you step out of your office, there's a world going on that accomplishes everything you have planned. A sense of protection and security: Since 1981, the sense of serenity transmitted by Nova Systems' solutions is the premise with which allows you to feel satisfied at any time of the day. Looking to the future with confidence and without worries. Choose BeOne.



• Project profiling

• Demo & Analysis Specificities

• Individual meetings

• Project presentation

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• BeOne contract

• Start up activity confirmation

• Contract signature

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• KickOff with Key Users

• Cloud Environment creation and software parameterisation

• Data Migration

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• Individual or group training

• Training through the NovAcademy Business Unit 

• Support in the use of company funds

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• Physical presence of Product Account Managers at customer locations/branches

• A Team is in the Nova Systems office to support the company 

• The customer uses BeOne to manage the entire operational flow 

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• Application and Cloud Help Desk Support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

• Individual technical consulting and project analysis

• Release with new features and new products 

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• After the Go-Live, between Nova Systems and the client, a relationship focused on the company’s growth begins

• The Customer Success Manager becomes a trusted partner, with a proactive approach towards the company

• The CSM guides the company’s collaborators in discovering the BeOne solution full potential, to make the most out of every functionality

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Discover the total integration of BeOne

Click on the images to know into detail the specifications of each BeOne’s Suite module. The different applications refer to only one database, where they work in synchronization to recall data, their elaboration and archiving, avoiding duplication of information and misalignments. The BeOne solution is completely integrated with the activities demanded of shipping agents and logistics operators, ensuring the flexibility that sector operators require.

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