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Creation, sending, reception, authentication and automatic archiving of telematic flows of Customs Bills.

The BeOne Customs module generates Customs documents for all types of shipments: Import, Export and Transit with full electronic file management.
Thanks to NCP (Nova Customs Portal), files can be electronically authenticated by digital signature, archived in the Cloud and sent through WEB Service to the Telematic Customs Service. Results, releases and error messages can be viewed directly on the portal. The Customs module is fully integrated with the TMS (Transportation Management System) module, with the WMS (Warehouse Management System) module, with accounting and many more...

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From Shipment to Customs Bill automatically.

The BeOne Customs module allows you to automatically generate Import-Export and Transit customs files by retrieving data directly from the shipment and creating a pre-filled document that speeds up customs clearance times and ensures that the data between the shipment and the customs file are aligned.

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Automatic creation of several Customs Files from Air Groupages,
Maritime or Land

Thanks to the complete integration with the TMS (Transportation Management System) module, it is possible to automatically create one or more Customs Bills for one or more shipments contained within an air, sea or land Groupage for each type of Practice: Import, Export, Transit or introductions in Temporary Storage A3.

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Customs warehouses

It is possible to manage the various types of customs warehouses: DDP (Private Customs Bonded Warehouse), D.IVA (VAT Bonded Warehouse) and DTC (Temporary Custody Warehouse) manually or automatically, as they are fully integrated with the management of the Customs Files from which they draw information. Customs Warehouses are also integrated with the BeOne WMS (Warehouse Management System) module.

Temporary Import and Export

It is possible to keep track of and manage all files in Temporary Export or Import Regime through the "Virtual Movements Management" function, which allows you to create fictitious warehouse loads or unloads, thus enabling you to keep track of the goods to be re-imported or re-exported at all times.

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Customs Document Archiving integrated with TMS shipping operational modules.

BeOne Optical Archiving allows you to archive files in PDF format, send them by e-mail, print them and view them directly from the customs file management screen. It can also be used for both documents issued by BeOne and documents received. Thanks to this functionality, the remittance of documents is automated.
From the TMS (Transportation management System) it is possible to view PDFs of Customs Bills thanks to the integration between the Customs Document Archiving and the operational module.



Through INTRASTAT management, it is possible to create movements of purchases and sales of goods and services within the European Union and then submit them electronically to Customs.

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BeOne, the software solution for Customs

The customs sector is in the midst of a regulatory revolution. BeOne makes it possible to carry out all customs operations in accordance with ministerial regulations, to reduce the times of customs clearance and to provide users with traceability of the entire import/export cycle and the performance of related controls. The electronic dossier allows customs documents to be digitally stored in the BeOne solution. Nova Systems is developing the ability to query the Single Customs Window directly from the BeOne solution, to further speed up customers' operational activities.

Customs of the future

New rules of the EU Customs Code entered into force.
Nova Systems leads the sector in Italy at the helm of Eur Trade Net - ETN

Nova Systems has joined EurTradeNet (ETN), the international organisation that brings together companies providing IT solutions for customs. At the international level, ETN is an active member of the Trade Contact Group, the technical forum chaired by the European Commission DG TAXUD in Brussels, and also interfaces with national reference bodies. The customers of ETN member companies thus use state-of-the-art software solutions that are always in line with the latest regulatory requirements.

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Customs Tracking Portal

Allow your customers to independently view the progress of their customs declaration and download their documentation history with this functionality of the BeOne customs software.


A revolution for the Customs module

Nova Systems introduces the new Customs Tracking Portal, changing the workflow of international freight forwarders and customs service centres. The portal saves customs operators timeand enables you to strengthen the relationship of trustwith your customers.

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A personal area dedicated to your customers

With the new portal developed by Nova Systems, your customers have access to a dedicated personal area, where they can view only the customs declarations in their name. In this reserved area they are able to check in real time the status of the bill and the various stages of customs clearance.

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All documents at your fingertips

With Nova Systems' new Customs Tracking, your customers can download individual declaration documents: SAD, AED, IVISTO, etc., themselves. This innovation saves customs officers the time they used to spend transmitting documents. The Customs Tracking portal stores the history of the declarations sent: in the event of loss of documentation, your customers can retrieve it at any time and in complete autonomy.

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A space that is always accessible and easy to use

Customs Tracking can be accessed anywhere in the world from mobile phones and other mobile devices. Access is through the Nova Systems EDI portal, or alternatively directly from your website via a customised link that we will set up for you. Upon request, the Nova Systems marketing department will also prepare a communication to inform your customers about the benefits of the new service and how it works.

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The world of Customs is in the midst of a normative revolution.
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BeOne Customs module: Technical specifications

Read the technical specifications of BeOne, the Nova Systems software solution for the customs sector. BeOne is the application management software adapted to the customs regulations in force and suitable for the needs of customs agents carrying out import/export operations.

Customs Operations


Customs Operations

• Managing and compiling Import, Export and Transit formalities.

• Automating sending, signing and receiving of digital transmission flows and automatic IVISTO reception / management

• Electronic Folder Management

• Travel Management

Customs / VAT Warehouse Management

• Manual entry and management of loading and unloading of customs warehouse A3 / A4 / VAT

• Automatic compilation of warehouses, loading and unloading created automatically by the management of the customs formalities

Importation / Exportation Temporary Management

• Management of virtual warehouses, control of inventories and reimports/re-exports

• Control of Temporary expiry dates

Intrastat Transactions

• Compilation of Intrastat movements of goods and services with rectification management

• Flow generation for digital transmission and flow generation for sending to third parties

The Steps to Arrive at Go Live

When you step out of your office, there's a world going on that accomplishes everything you have planned. A sense of protection and security: Since 1981, the sense of serenity transmitted by Nova Systems' solutions is the premise with which allows you to feel satisfied at any time of the day. Looking to the future with confidence and without worries. Choose BeOne.



• Project profiling

• Demo & Analysis Specificities

• Individual meetings

• Project presentation

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• BeOne contract

• Start up activity confirmation

• Contract signature

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• KickOff with Key Users

• Cloud Environment creation and software parameterisation

• Data Migration

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• Individual or group training

• Training through the NovAcademy Business Unit 

• Support in the use of company funds

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• Physical presence of Product Account Managers at customer locations/branches

• A Team is in the Nova Systems office to support the company 

• The customer uses BeOne to manage the entire operational flow 

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• Application and Cloud Help Desk Support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

• Individual technical consulting and project analysis

• Release with new features and new products 

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• After the Go-Live, between Nova Systems and the client, a relationship focused on the company’s growth begins

• The Customer Success Manager becomes a trusted partner, with a proactive approach towards the company

• The CSM guides the company’s collaborators in discovering the BeOne solution full potential, to make the most out of every functionality

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Click on the images to know into detail the specifications of each BeOne’s Suite module. The different applications refer to only one database, where they work in synchronization to recall data, their elaboration and archiving, avoiding duplication of information and misalignments. The BeOne solution is completely integrated with the activities demanded of shipping agents and logistics operators, ensuring the flexibility that sector operators require.

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