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Nova Systems has designed a BeOne's module entirely conceived for administrative, financial and accounting offices which operate in the field of international freight forwarding, customs, transportation and logistics. The General Accounting module allows to manage the fiscal policy part in line the Country's regulations of where it is installed.

There's more. The digitalisation of business processes make them simpler, safer and more innovative and reduces paper consumption and document storage costs. These are the main advantages of BeOne e-invoice, created by Nova Systems in order to manage B2B electronic invoicing.
The Accounting module is also integrated with the Customs Agency for the Intrastat service (declaring to the National Board those services which are executed both incoming and outgoing within the European Union) and with Internal Revenue Service by submitting periodic declarations required by the current regulations, including Esterometro (Communication of the cross-border transactions), LIPE (periodical VAT returns), the VAT tax calculation which the company has to compensate every trimester.


The software enables to manage Italian, Spanish and Maltese fiscal policy in relation to the specific Country Tax Regulations.

The module has been designed by Nova Systems' R&D Department supporting customers' administrative, finance and accounting offices. General Accounting can adapt to any size of the company, for those that are structured with first-level Head of Administration, Finance and Accounting as for those which can only rely on a single management figure who handles every phase of the accounting process.

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General Accounting is integrated with the other operational modules of BeOne in order to facilitate the user's activity. Thanks to the utilisation of a single database, the user is able to manage directly financial commitments retrieving the data of the operative section, of customs, bank and accounting commitments.

Through BeOne’s operational modules it is possible to manage financial commitments, importing costs, presumed incomes and requests for advance payments. With the Customs module you can acquire also future deadlines, VAT and duties. Meanwhile, bank commitments can vary substantially (secured loans, subsidies and possible future charges) while the Accounting module displays customers collections, supplier payments, other recorded debts and bill of exchange portfolios.

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FISCAL MANAGEMENT, with LIPE (periodical VAT returns) management, esterometro (communications of the cross-border transactions), printing tax and annual financial results, adjusting entries management.

CUSTOMER MANAGEMENT, with the bill of exchange portfolios feature, submission of invoices, reminders to customers, customers' loans management and clients checks management.

Among other integrated features, in the software by Nova Systems you can find a connection with home banking: importing bank statements allows to import files with all of the bank records based on the tracking standard required by Corporate Banking Interbancario (CBI) – an Italian remote banking service

SUPPLIER MANAGEMENT, with the automatic supplier payments and the sending of cash flows in the home banking features.

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Thanks to BeOne’s Cash Flow module it is possible to manage financial commitments directly within the PMS. It allows to see the company’s financial inputs and outputs day by day. Until today, business operators have been monitoring financial ledger entries through Excel spreadsheets. Now, with this new integrated feature in BeOne, it is possible to track these entries and plan business management in the best possible way, anticipating potential difficulties due to lack of liquidity.

Cash flow reports, within a precise period of analysis, past and future liquidity debts and credits as a result of the managing of a company. The features are integrated with Accounting, Management Control and Customs. All of the procedures are automatically updated by the software. Presently, data accuracy is more secure due to the fact that human error is eliminated through this process.

Moreover, the analysis of flows resulting from single business activities is essential. In this way it is possible to understand which are the causes that determine variations in cash at the company level and to identify eventual actions to be taken with the aspiration of achieving financial goals.

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Accounting Module:
Technical specifications

Read the technical specifications about the accounting module in our Software platform or contact us for any information.



Prochainement en ligne

Contrôle de gestion


Gestion structure de comptabilité Industrielle

Gestion d’un plan de comptes articulé par une hiérarchie fonctionnel e et par périodes de compétence, avec les relatives connexions au plan de compte de Comptabilité General.

Intégration avec les modules Tms

 Intégrations avec les modules applicatives TMS pour l’insertion des mouvements  prévisionnels de coût directs sur expédition/liste.  

Gestion des coûts indirects

Possibilité d’insertion des couts prévisionnels indirects (frais généraux) pour la détermination  du marge opérationnel net.

Gestion tarifs de coûts/ standard

Intégration avec CRM pour la gestion des tarifs de coûts pour fournisseur, avec la possibilité d’utiliser des tarifs standard articulées pour les coûts de masse, pour la création des mouvements prévisionnels de coût.

Fonctions de vérification des coûts prévisionnels

Fonctions de vérification guidée des coûts prévisionnels directs et indirects, avec la possibilité de créer des mouvements comptables relatifs.

Fonctions de subdivision et de proportionner coûts et recettes

Fonctions de subdivision et de proportionner coûts et recettes, pour la remise des mouvements au niveau minimal.

Gestion Budget

Possibilité de gestion des données du budget et leur comparaison avec les données des performances d’entreprise.

Situations de période

Situations de période à niveau mensuel/annuel sur la base de plusieurs indicateurs (Filiales, Client, Services, etc)

Correction du bilan

Création de mouvements à correction du bilan fiscal, relatifs à Provisions, En Cours, ou survenances

Intégration Natif Business Intelligence

Intégration native du produit avec « Dashboard » déjà utilisés, ou avec outils pour la création de n’importe quel compte rendu de Business Intelligence

Intégration Archivage électronique des documents

Intégration native du produit avec archivage électronique des documents

BeOne e-invoice


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Cliquez sur les images pour connaître plus en détail les caractéristiques des modules qui composent la Suite de BeOne. Les différentes applications se réfèrent à l’unique base de données, sur laquelle elles opèrent de façon synchronisée pour le rappel des données, leur élaboration et archivage, sans duplications et asymétries des informations. La solution BeOne est totalement intégrée aux activités requises aux expéditionnaires et aux opérateurs logistiques, en garantissant la flexibilité dont ont besoin les opérateurs du secteur.

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