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Are you looking for a FTL transportation management system? Nova Systems has the simple and efficient solution that fits your needs.

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In the transport sector, timing is everything. That is why you need a reliable ally to be a level above everyone else.

Choose the new BeOne's Full Truck Load (FTL) module, the simple, versatile software guaranteed by Nova Systems and created for land transport companies who offer full truck load service.

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BeOne FTL management software, the module designed for land transport companies

The new FTL management software for full truck loads companies becomes part of the BeOne Suite, the integrated solution with all the functionalities required by carriers, freight forwarders, logistics and customs operators.
Nova Systems has developed a modular and scalable software dedicated to operators, to improve the coordination between offices, drivers and carriers. The ERP is able to support you in every activity, from offering to transaction finalization, in order to effectively manage transports.

The interface is intuitive and enables the quick entry of all personal data, tariff rates and regulations for the operational management of a transport for each customer. The BeOne FTL module is also integrated with cartography for the route optimization.

What can I do thanks to the BeOne FTL management software?


Thanks to BeOne, the user, who has to organize a set of trips and combine them with the vehicles (tractors, semi-trailers and trucks) and drivers, is able to manage the loading and unloading points of the goods in a few clicks. Resources, vehicles, drivers, and sub carriers are always under control and the operator can organize customer orders in the best possible way based on the availability of the company fleet.

The software allows you to optimize all back-office activities, including the management of company resources (drivers and fleet of vehicles) and the flows of the transports cycle (customer request, quotation, trip planning and automated invoicing).

The FTL module also solves all the problems that a transport company faces on a daily basis: from the traffic area to the management of the vehicle fleet, passing from taxation and invoicing to administrative and accounting control, up to management of cost centers.

Thanks to the cartography, it is possible to automatically display the optimal route for the vehicle. Any restrictions on passage in certain areas for certain types of trucks are specified.

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BeOne shows you the list of trips to organize and supports you in choosing the carrier and which vehicle to use. All this is possible thanks to a constant updating of useful data, including the drivers' holiday plan, any vehicle stops, deadlines, drivers' commitments and availability of carriers and vehicles.

It is essential to keep drivers' personal information, carriers and vehicles' data updated. Within them you can manage the equipment, commitments and deadlines. In this way, the software is able to propose how to best organize your trips, in a simple and intuitive way. A correct management of base tables, deadlines and commitments leads to better and leaner operations.

But that is not all. In case of blocking constraints indicated by the BeOne software, the dispatcher can choose to force the block as suggested by the FTL module, which has been developed to show you all the constraints and guide you in the optimal choice of the vehicle. Thus, the user can quickly cross-check available vehicles and drivers, taking into account the constraints and needs, but also maximizing in limiting empty kilometers of the vehicle.

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Even today, a good part of transporters do not choose a reliable software, but count on manual systems of availability of vehicles and carriers/drivers. The variables involved, however, are many and the time available to move the fleet correctly is always limited. The risk around the corner is always that of not optimizing trips, missing a load and not satisfying the customer within the set times, or even running several empty kilometers.

The FTL module was developed to guide the operator, thanks to a simple and iconographic interface, by immediately showing him all useful information and activities.

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1. Fleet optimization
Thanks to BeOne, you can timely manage the commitments and deadlines of the vehicles, both owned and by third parties.

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2. Better management of drivers and carriers
In the choice of drivers and carriers, the software indicates all the constraints existing for each trip, helping you to make your staff as effective as possible.

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3. All data always under control
AThrough a timely and constant update of all information you have the possibility to carry out any operation in a few clicks.

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4. Reduction of empty kilometers
Thanks to the FTL module you can instantly preview the positioning of each individual vehicle, with the aim of minimizing the travel of empty kilometers.

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5. Identification of the optimal path
The cartography allows you to identify the best route in terms of time and kilometers.

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6. Cost reduction
The set of control and management activities for vehicles and drivers/carriers, in relation to the chosen routes, allows an increase in efficiency and a considerable reduction in costs.

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