Overseas Transport Systems is boasts of having custumers all over the world

Signed agreement between OTS and Nova Systems

Ots has chosen BeOne Cloud Forwarding Suite as its software solution

An agreement has been undersigned between OTS and Nova Systems. OTS is the company leader concerning international forwarding, whom has chosen Beone Clud Forwarding Suite solution for its Italian branches, where totaling 160 work places. The company has recently reached a target of 30 years of experience and has improved its national coverage adding a new branch office in Bologna, joining their 10 Italian branches and 39 offices globally such as Germany, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Australia, Usa, Canada, Argentina and Brazil.

In order to satisfy all mainland requests, the Italian and international branches work jointly to satisfy all the continents and from now they have a further support: Nova Systems’ Beone Cloud Forwarding Suite solution, that is completely supplied in Cloud 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. The Development Center of Nova Systems is going to enforce the software BeOne with telematics connections to customs agencies, airlines companies, airports hub and all the logistics operators and carriers. The aim of Nova Systems is to make available to Clients the most important data base of the world, from which obtain the major number of qualify information, useful to increase the productivity of the single operators.

Date: 28-06-2014

In the photo on the left are OTS Spa vicepresident Pietro Recchi, Valerio Avesani, OTS Spa president Silvio Baldassarri and OTS Spa managing director Daniela Bernardi
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