Valerio Avesani and Andreu Campanario Ponga attended the exhibition

Nova Systems atthe SIL 2013 in Barcelona, the transport and logistics fair

In the future the Company is willing to invest in the Spanish market

Nova Systems participated to the SIL 2013 in Barcelona, the most important transport and logistics exhibition in the Mediterranean. The fair, attended by Valerio Avesani and Andreu Campanario Ponga (picture on the left), took place in a difficult moment for the Iberian country, as stated by the President of the fairEnrique Lacalle during the opening speech in which he commented about the loss of a 10% of the volume of wares transported over the Spanish territory in 2012 compared with 2011. Despite this trend, new investments and new commercial purposes won’t be stopped.

This is proved by Nova Systems, whose confidence in the future leads it to plan investments on the Spanish market, and by the data emerged from the SIL on its 2013 edition, to which the 45% of the international Companies of the sector participated.


Date: 03-07-2013

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