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International shipping, transport, customs and logistics: operators tackle new challenges every day in a sector undergoing continuous evolution. A reliable and innovative software solution is needed to make rapid, accurate decisions, working alongside operators in meeting their responsibilities and enabling them to work with peace of mind.

BeOne is the system in the Cloud from Nova Systems, that improves working methods and allows international shippers, hauliers, customs and logistics operators to carry out all the operations required in just a few clicks.

The peace of mind conveyed by the software solution comes from the guarantee of effective operation at every moment of the day. With the certainty the business is being conducted in the best way possible, thanks to an integrated suite assisting companies in all the day-to-day operations. Without a second thought and confident of the future.  

The BeOne solution guides operators in the business world, wherever they may be. A solution that takes account of the major changes in the sector, ready to meet every need. In total security.  

“When you leave your office, everything you have scheduled is put into motion. So you can finally stop worrying.
An all-encompassing embrace, in which you can find everything you are looking for.”

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Multilogistics chooses BeOne: “It will enable us to save resources for research and development”

“The growth of our company is connected to the increasingly close link between the forwarding sector and the supply chain, in a context that is no longer the classic supplier and client framework but a partnership, with a direct and immediate relationship." Massimo Mirizzi, managing director of Multilogistics, leads a company undergoing great development, with branches in Genoa, Turin, Milan, Verona, Bologna and, in Spain, Barcelona and Valencia. “In the coming years, it is our intention to increase the market in the United States and in Asia,” said Mirizzi, according to whom “the transport sector in Italy is undergoing a marked improvement”.

Sinergy’s Cavalieri: “Interactivity and a simple interface are the strongpoints of BeOne”

“The combing of the ports of Genoa and Savona is the starting point for a major relaunch of the sector. A systematic approach is necessary to compete with the ports of North Europe.” Marco Cavalieri, owner and founder of Sinergy Cardo, together with Davide Onnis and Luigi Troianni, looks with optimism at the merger of the ports and sketches out the panorama of the challenges facing the sector in a continuously developing market.

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